About Us


Duke Networks, LLC is a San Diego California-based corporation specializing in developing products and services for online.

Television Network

The new age of television is here, and it’s no longer just broadcast television.  The success of YouTube has redefined how and where television programming is viewed.  It has spawned hundreds of large and small video sharing sites and new opportunities for would-be television shows that could never have existed before.  Duke Networks is taking advantage of these new opportunities with its productions.

Our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) programming is published on television (satellite, cable, satellite) and set-top boxes, and distributed to dozens of video distribution partners, including TiVo, Apple iTunes, and YouTube.

Website Network

Our Television Network is complimented by our Website Network.  Being able to interact with our viewers not just at our own websites, but social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, allow us to take on a whole new level of interaction with our audience.  This interaction provides us real-time feedback which is invaluable for determining future direction with our programming.

In addition to our television-based website development, we have a growing number of websites that we develop in-house as well as for our customers.  We have access to a large network of website developers who can help you with your next project, so please contact us and if we can’t help you, we’ll know someone else who can!

Full Service Video Production Services

Duke Networks is fully equipped to handle your next professional video production. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • On-screen talent
  • Voice Over talent
  • High-definition professional-level Canon video recording equipment
  • High-definition in-car camera recording equipment
  • Wireless audio recording equipment (multiple mics)
  • Professional studio lighting equipment
  • Camera jib (boom, crane) and GlideTrack for smooth sweeping shots
  • Final Cut Pro X professional editing software
  • Post editing effects packages Magic Bullet Looks & FxFactory
  • Internet and broadcast video preparation and distribution